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Our Friends,

We have talked everything clearly until today with You who are the Suns of the Sunny Days by the intermediacy of the Knowledge Book and We will continue to do so.

We have disclosed the operations rendered on this path according to the Suggestions of the Divine Plan, parallel to Your Levels of Consciousness. And We will continue to do so. This is the application of a Plan.

However, During the Missions made, since everyone has the freedom to act according to his/her Own Consciousness, the System has decided not to interfere ever with any Consciousness (For their Evolutions).

The Knowledge Book which is the operational basis of this Final Age Program of Progress, does not, in fact, address You beyond the Consciousnesses You have attained until today, on the contrary, it helps You to comprehend better the Knowledge You have attained until today and to understand the root of the Truth better.

The Book has been revealed and disclosed to Your Planet for this very reason.

The Knowledge Book is not a Book to be read piece by piece and to be browsed through for once. With All its Frequency, it is the Total of the Total. Unless the Book is not taken in Hand as a Total, the Locks of Your Attached Consciousnesses will never be unlocked (From the viewpoint of comprehending the Truth).

And for this reason the Book will always be the scene for the Wrong Interpretations of Attached Consciousnesses.

You know that this Book is not a Book to be worshipped. It is a Total projecting on You the Light of Truth from more advanced Dimensions of Your Consciousnesses You had attained on the path of Religion. That which will save You is Your profound Realization of all the Information given in the Book.

The reason why the Book is propagated Fascicule by Fascicule is to disclose the Truth Gradually to Humanity, to spread and to introduce the Book to a wider Mass. This is a Program of Operation and being trained and it is a preparation made for the Morrows.

However, even after the Book receives the Command to be Printed, this Program of Propagation will continue its distribution again Fascicule by Fascicule, as an introductory Program.

Trying to grasp the basis of this Powerful operation is to attain the Totality Consciousness of ALLAH. Not Us, but the Consciousnesses Themselves are responsible for not making Effort. Nothing can be attained easily.

Reading the Fascicules, one by one, is a Program of Coding and Seed Sowing. And grasping the whole Book Consciously is to attain the Realization of the Totality. The True Salvation mentioned to You until today is this.

The one who Transcends his/her Consciousness, who Grasps the Truth is the one who Passes through the Berzah*.