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Our Friends,

Certain investments made into Your Planet as a necessity of the System have been rendered effective as an Introductional Propaganda. However, a part of the Fanatic section of Your Planet are Mediums not accepting even the Spiritual Totality and Reincarnation.

At the moment, during this Period, this is the reason why the direct disclosing of the meaning of the Knowledge Book to the Mass Totality will be able to cause separate View differences.

For this reason distributing the Fascicules before the Command to Print the Book is given, is an operational Ordinance the System considers necessary. While the Knowledge Book tries to land down the Flying Eagles who have Transcended their Consciousnesses, it also tries to make certain resting Eagles Fly.

In the fanatic section of the Religious Mediums, the gradual introduction technique of the Book is administered by the System and has been rendered effective as a Program of Mass Coding.

The propagation function of the Knowledge Book is rendered by the Advanced Consciousnesses who will be able to share this Book. And for now, this is being created by the Reflection Technique until Humanity attains a Totalistic Consciousness.

The Knowledge Book has numerous Unknown Special Features besides its already Known Features. Let Us repeat to remind them once more and let Us dictate them article by article:

1. The Book comprises a Frequency Totality of 1000 Years, also after the Year 2000.

2. The Book is a Secret Key unlocking the Frequency of that Dimension in which a person is present in accordance with the Consciousness Light of each person who reads it.

3. The Book is a Secret Treasure and it is the Direct Frequency Book of ALLAH.

4. Each Consciousness who reads the Book can never go outside the Consciousness he/she is in. However, Consciousness Gates are partly and then fully opened to him/her in proportion with the Consciousness he/she has attained.

5. During the operations rendered, Energy Channels of the Book are Automatically opened in proportion with the Consciousness a person attains.

6. This Book is a Totalistic Triumph of the Light-Photon-Cyclone Technique.

7. The Book prepares the one who reads it for the Level of that Consciousness, which is up to the Final Dimension Frequency the Time Consciousness, is in.

8. Frequency Keys after this orient the readers towards different operational Mediums in accordance with their Desires and the Consciousness Signals they exhibit.

9. The Book is dictated by a technique stimulating the operational function of Your Brains. This is a System. It is Your Brain Gymnastics.

10. You can soar up towards Dimensions beyond Thought only by the operations made as a result of this gymnastics.

11. Consciousnesses who have been transferred to Your Planet by the Universal Program of the Knowledge Book are the direct Propagation Network of the Book. They are Advanced Universal Friends.

12. This is an Advanced Consciousness - an Advanced Evolution and DESERVING THE RIGHT to Serve on this path.

13. Consciousnesses who remain outside the Book are subjected to the Preparatory Program of the System and thus, are oriented, in accordance with their Levels of Consciousness towards Focal Points, which will be beneficial for them.

14. The Cosmic Currents and the Evolutionary Coding Frequency of the Book make these selections.

15. Those who are deemed Deserving the Missionary Staff are inclined instinctively by the Command of their Essence towards the Focal Points established by the Magnetic Totality of the Knowledge Book.

16. In these Focal Points, Three Rights are recognized for the Individual during Three World Years until he/she is appointed to Direct Mission.

17. Those who can not use any of these Three Rights are abandoned to their World Mediums and they live their normal lives.

18. A Second Incarnation Right is recognized for these Friends.

19. In Your Planet, operations rendered on the path of the Knowledge Book are subject to a Selection Plan of 2 Centuries.

20. This is the reason why the Book is introduced directly as the Book of the 23rd Century.

21. The Knowledge Book is, at the moment, a Guide Book. (Until the Year 2000.)

22. The Book is the Enlightenment Book of the Morrows. (Until the 23rd Century.)

23. The Book is the Fundamental Book of future years. ({7} Centuries including the 29th Century.)

24. During the Period up to the 30th Century, Consciousnesses of the morrows will receive the Messages, very clearly, which You read but can not see today from the Knowledge Book.

25. After the 30th Century, the Lordly Order will become Directly effective and this Knowledge Book will be Enthroned as the SINGLE BOOK.

26. This Book which will reign for (9) more Centuries after the 30th Century, will assemble in its Constitution the Frequency of the entire Universal and Evolutionary Totality as the Time Energy.

27. After this, the SINGLE BOOK - SINGLE ORDER - SINGLE SYSTEM will come into effect and thus, Operational Orders will be organized anew.

28. During this Operational Ordinance, a Scientific Book will be bestowed on Humanity in each Century as an aid for the Scientific Progress of Society.

29. The Reflection Focal Points of different Technological Dimensions will render Effective these Books and thus, Advanced Scientific Progress will be rendered.

30. However, the Book of Truth, which will be the SINGLE BOOK until Your Planet becomes a Ball of Water, will always remain in Effect as the Single Book of Decree of ALLAH.

31. This Book will, from then on, be kept as the Archive of Yesterdays in the Main Archive of brand new Civilizations, which will be established Billions of Centuries later during the opening of an Era which was closed.

It is presented for Your Information.