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Our Friends,

All the Study Ordinances set forth by the System are Programs taken into effect in order to be extended to your entire Planet. For this reason, from now on, it has been set forth that for the Information given to your Planet to be understood more easily in parallel with social views, the messages are written article by article. Our Friend, please write;

1 - Religious doctrines provide a medium of purification by conveying Humanity to a certain level of Consciousness.

2 - Sacred Books take into effect a Program of training and Mass Awakening subject directly to the System.

3 - Sacred Books Give Information and, by purifying them in the light of that Information, they enable Humanity to attain Consciousness.

4 - To receive Information is one thing, to attain Consciousness is quite another. 

5 - Nirvana is the dimension of Supreme Light ? Supreme Wisdom.

6 - Nirvana is the final stage of the Dimension of Purification. This dimension is called the Dimension of Ascension, the Solar Dimension and the Sixth Dimension.

7 - The Sixth Dimension is the Dimension of immortality. This is also called the Nirvana Dimension.

8 - This dimension is reached by individual effort. And here cellular functions attain the quality of receiving the Cosmic Energies very easily.

9 - To the Far East, no sanctions of training are applied (by the Plan). They are trained Individually in accordance with the program of individual progression.

10 - The Nirvana Ascension Dimension is reached only by getting rid of the Egos and by deep worship and meditation with various formalistic symbols.

11 - In Nirvana the covenants are made in the Solar dimension. Or one remains there as the final boundary.

12 - In Nirvana the Solar Dimension is reached in the medium of resignation, with inner peace. In this medium Thought matures through Individual Power. Later one Connects to the System.

13 - In order to transcend this border it is a must to cooperate with the System. Only as a result of this cooperation, one reaches the seventh dimension.

14 - The Seventh Dimension is Saturn which is the exit dimension of the Solar System you are in. This is the 18th dimension and its frequency is 72nd Energy. Here one exits from Alpha and passes to Omega.

15 - Ego is a power which carries on the World potential. Worldly Consciousness drives the Human Being away from Divine Consciousness.

16 - The two branches of the Solar dimension a) Spiritual b) Scientific Dimension, are at the moment open to your Planet.

17 -     a) In the Spiritual Dimension there is no Worldly weakness whatsoever, there is Truth. 

b) In the Scientific, that is, the Technological Dimension, there is Ego, there is Effort, there are Quests through the Influences given.

18 - Both of these paths are service on the Godly Path. Every Study, every Effort on the World Planet is considered as worship.

19 - Learning and Science are searched and found through Worldly Consciousness. The West attains Mental effort by working in connection with the Technological Channel.

20 - Mental effort is the most necessary path for Evolution.

21 - In the Far East, Lordly and Spiritual progressions are Individual.

22 - Whereas the Sacred Books are subject to more advanced programs of progression as a Mass, being connected to the Lordly - the Spiritual and the Technological medium.

23 - A Section of the Far East is directly in Service of the Central Solar Totality. In this dimension, Life has secondary importance, Duty is in the forefront.

24 - The Other Sections of the Far East are directly in service from the Spiritual and the Lordly Dimension.

25 - To reach Nirvana from this Final program of progression, you need the assistance of a GURU. Whereas everyone connected to the System is henceforth a GURU himself/herself.

26 - In this Final Age, everyone who is connected to the System is obliged to serve Humanity on the Path of THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK. This is a program of Salvation.

It is presented for your Information.