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The cycle programs are scales that have come into effect with the Evolutionary level. Each cycle are training programs displaying operational ordinances taken into effect in parallel to the medium Consciousnesses under the supervision of the Divine Order. Until today every program has been put into application in accordance with the medium consciousness and in accordance with the rates of success, more advanced programs have been taken into effect.

However now, since according to the last decision taken by the System, more accelerated progressions are considered necessary in the final cycle program, great changes were made within the programs and the Knowledge Book has been dictated, considering necessary that programs beyond Religions are opened up to humanity as Knowledge. According to the decision reached, the program of the 19th cycle has come into effect as the most unique program of this age and the Second Kürz Totality Divine Ordinance Project was applied to the First Kürz transition program.

In this program, with the thought that close plan Energy Transfers will cause more accelerated unveilings in the Consciousness progressions, very advanced Consciousnesses who have made progressions since the First Cycle Period until the cycle program at the moment have been transferred to your planet. These advanced Consciousnesses have been Embodied by making a covenant with the Reality and they have accepted to be locked up in their own programs, their own dimensions, in case they did not carry out their duties. Many of the supreme consciousnesses who suffered Consciousness bewilderment because of Worldly chaos have lost and are losing their rights by getting caught up in this whirlpool of chaos.

For this reason it is a decision reached by the Supreme Realm that facts are henceforth told to the World Missionary Staff with all clarity. Time is scarce and Hearts are in distress. The System is working, Humanity is not able to catch up with it. As a result of the Collaboration carried out with the Space Committee Union "with the reason to reduce the losses", henceforth Everyone is obliged to learn the Truth.

The final transition decree is always up to the Divine Staff of the First Kürz. According to the Divine Administrative Laws, just drawing the Energies does not mean anything. The entity is also obliged to fulfill the Evolution of the Dimensions of the energies he/she is drawing. Humanity will lose a lot, if they do not Free themselves of their Worldly Consciousnesses.

The first of the Laws considered necessary in this System are the laws of controlling one's self. The first permission to pass to the dimensions where these laws are valid is given by the Divine Plan. Control of one's self is an attainment peculiar to the Volitional Powers. Having a passion for any kind of pleasure and pleasure inducing and/or addictive substances is considered as Weakness according to the Divine Administration Laws. For this reason Will Power is given precedence, and it is said, Do not be Servant of the Servant. While making progression on this path, the Divine Plan also gives precedence to respect for Humanity.

The First Law is to use Will Power, the Second Law is to have respect for the Human Being. This is the System of Wisdom. To succeed in these very tough exams is a phenomenon pertaining to the Evolution of a person. For this reason, tolerating even those who attack you is the first boundary of Wisdom. The following stages are, not to regard the being as a terrestrial human being, to be able to reach his/her awareness of Being, and to be able to show him/her essence respect. Since gaining these Universal and Evolutionary Scales will be taken into effect more rapidly with close plan influence fields, all the truth has been conveyed to you through the Knowledge Book. And Space Authorities and Divine Powers, upon the necessity felt, have reached the decision to declare to you everything more understandably and more clearly through the pen of our Mevlâna, who is the Pen of the Golden Age. Our help is for You and the Founding Staff of the morrows.

The Reality Order is an Evolutionary Order and those who fulfill the entire Evolution of the First Kürz System receive the permission to pass to the Second Kürz. Until today no one including your Prophets has passed to the Second Kürz. Your prophets have waited at their dimensions for this last period with the reason to help humanity. This is a Universal and an Evolutionary program. All those who have been prepared until today have assembled at the First Kürz. The Transition program will not be individual but with staffs as masses.

What is written is for your own good. There is no forcing in the Divine Laws of Will Power. Your free will belongs to you. However, there is the obligation to announce the entire truth no matter how bitter it may be. Humane Consciousnesses will choose their path themselves and will pass their own sentence.

Incarnation is the evolution of an energy. An energy, which is making evolution passes on to Consciousness evolution after completing the mutation program. The incarnation program is not applied to those who complete the Consciousness Evolution at one go, however, they can be embodied in your planet numerous times as missionary staff members. In order to complete Consciousness Evolution, projects of learning by experience through Karma programs have been taken into effect.

The forming of the Divine Administrative Laws were brought about by Humane Consciousnesses who had difficulty advancing.. Progressions through the Religious Books on the Godly Path have been taken into effect with the reason that, on the Godly Path, humanity takes into effect the achievement of consciousness in a more accelerated manner. The program, Everything is from Allah, is this program. However, Cycle programs now are more different, clearer and more focused. For this reason, with the consciousnesses who have made their progressions, the right of Direct and single speech have been rendered effective.

It is obligatory for the First Kürz energies that will be opening up to the Second Kürz for the first time to take into effect the project of Self-Control in order to be able to draw the energies of the Second Kürz. The energies of the Second Kürz are Dimension by Dimension. The energies of today are denser and more different than those energies drawn at the beginning of your century. Humanity is obliged to Integrate with the energy of every dimension. However, it is obligatory to control one?s Self in order to be accepted here. According to this project the energies of this dimension are automatically locked up to those who cannot control their self.

Every dimension has exams in echelons that are peculiar to itself. Those who have won these exams have been kept waiting at this dimension until today and made their covenant with the Reality at this final Cycle Dimension as Missionary Staff and acquired bodies. They are friends who had once used their will-powers very beautifully on the Religious Path with the reason of Respect for Allah and thus deserved many positions. So now, their selection, which is very difficult is in effect. For henceforth, the System is scanning their will-power technologically for various reasons. For if Will-power is attained through Consciousness then it has gone down to the Essence. If it is attained through fear then it has not gone down to the Essence.

In this final period in which truths are unveiled, fears are lifted, Divine Friends who could not unify their Intellect with their Heart are creating a chaos in your planet. Hence, the Reality - the Cosmos Federal Totality - the Technology and the System are in effect for this reason. We have the authority to tell the Truth more openly to the Missionary Staff by taking permission from the supreme authorities.

You, Your World, and Humanity are the ones who will win. Although the Exams of the First Cosmic Age appear easier than the other Ages, the most difficult exam gate is the First Cosmic Age. For this is the exam of you, the supreme ones. You will either pass or fail this exam. There is no other alternative. There are no intercession or make-up exams. There is no other incarnation. According to a special decision reached, only those who have written the Book in their handwriting have been granted the right of another incarnation. However, the gain of those who are successful in these exams is plenty. Do not forget that the First Gate is Will-Power,  the Second Gate is Respect and Wisdom. Those who have these two keys will deserve to obtain the third key. It is a direct message given from the Divine Administration Mechanism.


Note: The message was given through the channel of the Knowledge Book