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6 - 7 - 2002


Dear Friends,

In this Final Special Age in which Discussions about Reincarnation are being made in the World Plan, it is henceforth time for the Truth to be Known and to be let Known with all clarity. First the Consciousness that the Reincarnation event has nothing to do with the Body which is crude matter must be Attained. Reincarnation is a phenomenon, which has to do with the Evolution of Energy, only.

Since the day your World was brought into existence, Cosmos has applied very different Technological programs to all the entities living on this planet in order for them to be able to enter more advanced evolution programs and first the Project of the Evolution of the Energy was taken in hand. As a result of the work done, a micro energy has completed its saturation in a time process of 7 Phases.

All the programs done after this have been prepared according to a time process of 7 Phases. An Energy, which has completed its saturation, reaches the Level in which it is able to Unite with crude matter. This double Unification also reaches its Saturation as crude matter in 7 Phases. After that, this Total receives the permission to be connected to the Dimension of Consciousness by being Engrafted by a third Energy. This process provides that Energy to attain Consciousness as an Entity.

In the Dimension of Consciousness, a Progression of 7 Phases is also the matter in question. This Consciousness is initially in Effect in an instictive way as Cellular Awareness. And "a microorganism has come into Effect this way". These microorganisms by later being Engrafted by the Energies of different Dimensions have attained Different Forms. These are Prototype Forms belonging to Every Dimension.

These microorganisms which have attained form, by completing their programs as a result of an Evolution of 7 Phases, they have continued to Sustain their lives in different Forms again in Periods of 7 Phases, in accordance with the Progression they have made. And in this way, a micro Energy has been transferred up to Bodies carrying Brains through the Progression it has made.

Microorganisms that could not carry out their Progressions of 7 Phases developed the Form of their final evolution through mutation and have caused more Different species to come into being. Animal and Plant species have come into effect this way. Later through the Gene Engraftments made in the laboratories, different Colors and Smells have been taken into effect.

Once an Energy which has been transferred to a Body with a Brain, reaches a potential able to receive the Energy of a certain Dimension through again Progress of 7 Phases, that Energy Total by being Engrafted with a Godly Energy is taken into an Evolution of Consciousness through Godly Consciousness Light. Thus, this is the Human Being and the Body it Carries is the prototype and the final Form. The life system of this Form is Equivalent to the functioning mechanism of the Ordinances of the Cosmoses.

Also a human Body, which has received Godly Engraftment, by gaining Experience after a Consciousness Progression of 7 Phases, has created the You of today in time processes. Thus this is a Reincarnation. This process is taken into Effect in the World Plan between the 3rd and the 4th Dimensions. Henceforth here, the Reincarnation program comes to an end. After this boundary, an Entity that claims itself is educated by being taken into Different Evolutionary Scales.

The Initial Godly Energy was received by the Adamkind. It is obligatory for the Adamkind who came into existence in the Second Universe to be Engrafted with this Godly Energy for them to be able to sustain their lives on the World plan. Because in the Magnetic Field of the World, life sustains itself only with this Energy. "Godly Energy takes into effect the life the Entity."

For this reason, the World Planet is an Archive of the Cosmos. It is a gate of Entrance - Exit and the Dimension of Tests. The event of Death is to gain the Right to be Transferred to other Dimensions. An Entity that has not been able to Complete its Consciousness Evolution and Karmas cannot recieve the permission to be able to enter higher Dimensions. For this reason, that Entity by finding a Mother - a Father who are in the same coordinate with itself as Energy, is Embodied on the World Plan to complete its program. This is an Incarnation.

Each Entity that has gained the Right to live on the World plan is subject to a Universal Hierarchical Program. Even the Right to acquire a body gains value according to the program to be made. Entities, who were able to reach very advanced Dimensions, by cooperating with Cosmos, Come Back to the World Plan many times by their own wishes to help Humanity.
However since that Entity receives Genes from another Mother and a Father in this World life, its Form comes into effect as a woman or a man according to the program and has nothing to do with the Bodies it has acquired in previous lifetimes. Because what brings about the form are the Genes of the Mother and the Father.

With this reason, Humanity is rejecting Reincarnation because it considers it as crude matter. The previous life Cassettes of each Entity, who has gained the Right to live in the Dimension of Closed Awareness, are erased from the Memory. However they can remember their older Incarnations from the sub-conscious time to time. However their recent-plan Cassettes are erased. If it is not so, on the World plan, Evolution and Life diskettes can not come into Effect in a sound way.

Now let us go back again to the subject above: Adamkind who had gained the Right to Live in the World Plan by being Engrafted with the Godly Energy, first Engrafted the Energies that they had brought into existence by the close plan laboratory work they had done with the Godly Energy which they had in themselves. Later as the Genes of Woman and Man were being developed with the reproduction formula, to these Genes, Godly Engraftment was done by the Cosmos and in this Way "the World Plan" came into effect.

These energies were able to rise to the Dimension of Evolution by drawing Energies up to a certain Dimension. Only after that, all the Human Beings by being connected to the Law of Evolution, by receiving the permission to be able to enter other Dimensions according to their Consciousness Progressions, and by making progressions peculiar to themselves through Incarnations, These days were reached.

Now Gathering these Entity Consciuosnesses at the same scale is the matter in question. This program is valid up to a Period called the Resurrection. And this is the end of the 19th Cycle. The Date is equivalent to the year 2000 in the World Time. And henceforth your entire planet is experiencing this Period of Chaos, Silently and profoundly.

Now a program, which is a second version from Cosmos, has been taken into effect. However Entities who were not able to Complete their Universal programs until the year 2000 are being Educated by being taken into more different Evolutionary scales. Every program taken into Effect and lived through is for the Benefit of Humanity.

In this program which is the second version from Cosmos, it is obligatory for each entity to reach the Power of being able to draw the 72nd Energy Totality. Because the Human being can only reach Godly Saturation through this Energy. And after this, Unknown Dimensions are reached.

Henceforth Cosmos regards Everyone who could absorb this Energy, as a God. At this moment as a Dept of Loyalty, you are henceforth obliged to give as Engraftment, this Godly Energy that made You into You to Different Seeds of Cosmos. This Engraftment Program was taken into effect by Viruses. Duty of Viruses is This.

The World is a Trampoline. In the Unification program of the Cosmoses' Ordinance, Each Dimension Entity, in order to be able to pass into Other Dimensions, has to sustain life by gaining a Body in the World plan. Thus in this program of Accelerated Evolution, This duty is incumbent on You, our Terrestrial Friends.

This program which we call the Virus program, has been unfolded to your planet since the year 1950. Until the year 1950, the Entities that had completed their Evolution have been transferred to your planet. Between the years 1950-1965, those who had very little Difference Left to Complete their Evolution have been rendered Effective. After the years 1964 and 1965, Galactic Energies came into Effect.

However a Galactic Entity can gain the Right to Live in the World after completing the Evolution of its own Dimension. A Galactic Entity Gene can Acquire a body in the World plan by being subjected to diferent processes.

In Galactic Dimensions, there is no Godly Energy and so Spiritual Energy which is found in the World plan. They receive their Spiritual Energy from more different Dimensions. For a Galactic Entity to be able to be transferred to your planet (by Birth), His own Dimensional essence has to be Engrafted with Godly and Spiritual Energy. Otherwise it cannot acquire Genes from its Mother and Father and cannot catch the life Nodule in the field of the Mother.

For this reason, the Virus program was taken into Effect. The Virus is a microorganism taken into Effect as the synthesis of many different micro Energies. And these have been separately programmed according to Different coordinates, Frequencies and Evolution. The Viruses have 2 Duties; they both receive Engraftments and give Engraftments.

The Viruses Feed on Cosmic Energy and are able to sustain their lives even at temperature 1000 degrees Celcius under zero. A Virus can stay in air between 70-80 hours. And if  a virus can find the ground favorable in an Entity matching its own coordinate, it reaches it. Once this process is over, it gives the Dimension Energy it carries as an Engraftment to that Entity.

The Entity becomes ill while these processes are being done because of the Toxins excreted by the Virus however if it is strong, it overcomes the Disease. The Entity with the Engraftment it has received in this way can very easily draw the Energy of that Dimension and also by making the Evolution of that Dimension gains the Right to sustain its life there.

A Virus with the Godly and the Spiritual Energy it has received from Evolved Entities slowly escalates through the Air up to the Clouds. They are collected from here and taken into an Engraftment program in the Universal laboratories. A Galactic Essence who has been Engrafted with this Virus program, first finds the Mother and the Father frequency of the same coordinates and forms the Body that will sustain its life in the World by reaching the field of Mother.

A Galactic Entity's essence is a very Powerful potential and it has the Right to be able to choose among the Mother and the Father Genes, it wishes. This Entity that has been transfered to the World plan is connected to the program of the System according to the Duty it will do. An Entity which has not received Godly or Spiritual Engraftment cannot get the permission to go to any of the Dimensions beyond the Divine plan.

In this final age, All the Cosmoses are being Brought together under one Single Roof through programs like these and more Different ones. This is a Unification program. The name of the Duty made is the law of Serving ONE.

Right now, you who are serving on the path of the Knowledge Book have passed far beyond the Dimension of Trials with the magnificent frequency of the Knowledge Book, and are embracing the Unknowns as Frequencies. Although with all the sufferings experienced, life might seem to be difficult; your morrows are Secured and Eternally Luminous paths.

We are grateful to You on behalf of Humanity, our Friends.

It is a Notice from the Cosmos Federal Totality Cortege


Note: The message was given through the channel of the Knowledge Book