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Our Friends,

All Knowledge taken into effect ever since the days when the Divine Orders came into effect are being Given parallel to the Social Consciousnesses. You Know this by now as well. The Knowledge Given in the program of Unification of the Ordinance of Cosmoses in this Cosmic Age that is currently being Lived through is, on the other hand, being Given in accordance with the Consciousness Levels of Everyone from their Own Dimensions by Removing the ordinance of Graduation, as a necessity of accelerated acquisition of Consciousness.

The Supreme Mechanism has opened up the Dimensions of Unknowability to your Planet in line with the progress program of this Last Age and has Given and will continue to Give the Knowledge beyond religions to You in accordance with your Consciousness Progresses. Consciousnesses are being Classified in accordance with the Knowledge taken from the diskette registrations of each Individual living on your planet.

However, in the Given Knowledge, misevaluations are coming into Effect in accordance with Personal Consciousnesses. For this reason, we assume that the Supreme Mechanism that has taken into effect this Knowledge to be Given from the System will bring you a further Advanced view. It Is beneficial that you Know This. There are Numerous Branches to each Knowledge Given to you.

However, due to the scarcity of Time, the most beneficial among this Knowledge are being Chosen and Given to You in accordance with the Consciousnesses. There are also Numerous Branches to the Karma Program. Now we would like to elaborate these for you. To list these Karmas, please write:

1- Karmas of Personality

2- Karmas of Mission carried out in the Dimension in which you are Living

3- Karmas of Past Lives

4- Karmas of Life formed in the medium in which you are Living

5- Karmas of Evolution

6- Karmas of World Life

Taking these Karmas as a Heading, there are many sub-branches to these as well. However, the Mission that the Human of this Last Age will carry out is Conscious Application. Hunger for Knowledge has henceforth been Ended. Still, the Supreme Mechanism is always Giving You Knowledge that will help your Consciousness Progresses.

1 – Karmas of Personality: For each Individual who is Connected to the Universal Staff in the periods when their Time and Evolution Consciousnesses Coincide, the first Test that s/he Goes through takes the Karma of Personality into effect. In this program, the Choice belongs to the Individual. It depends on the Free will of the Human to choose the medium of the World in which s/he lives or the Universal Medium.

2 – Karmas of Mission in the Medium in which you are Living come into effect with the medium of Mission that you are Assigned to. Working in other mediums apart from the Study Program that one has been Card-indexed to, not being able to Attain the Seriousness and Consciousness of the Mission that is being carried out, focusing one’s attention more on the World life create Karmas of Mission. Difficulties are experienced.

3 – Karmas of Past Lives: The Individual Completes these Karmas himself/herself through Sub-awareness impulses. Here, the Being Completes all that has been Lived through in the Past by experiencing them in micro form in the current medium that s/he is living in. This is called the program of Mutual Forgiveness. A person who cannot Complete this Program of his/hers can never pass on to Other Dimensions.

4 – Karmas of Life: These are Karmas that have their Source in the thoughts of the Individual. It is Known that each Word Carries a Frequency and Power of Thought. In the Universal ordinance, Positive Words make Positive Registrations since they Carry Positive Thought. Each Negative Word, on the other hand, is Registered as negative. In the Law of Acceptance, everything is Positive. However, in the Supreme Realm, cases of Non-Acceptance are Registered as negative.

Objecting to a positive Suggestion, saying No to everything in line with your Individual wishes create Karmas of Life for You in the medium in which you Live. The Accumulation of these Negative Karmas make the World life of the Person more Difficult. This is the Source of All the Distresses that Humanity is currently Experiencing both Bodily and Spiritually.

5 – The first Criterion in Karmas of Evolution is Service to the Human. On your Planet, Service to the Human is carried out Bodily, Spiritually and as Energy Transfers. In Bodily Service, Serving a human by way of the Body and thereby reducing his/her load is valid. In Spiritual help, Service to the Human by way of Words is valid. And in help by way of Energy, Cellular Reflection is valid. A higher Energy always Reinforces a lower Energy. This is an ordinance of Communicating Vessels connected to automatism.

6 – Karmas of World Life: Your Planet is currently Completing its Karma in this way. In this medium of Life, Each Person who has received the Right of Life is within this program in accordance with his/her Essence and Consciousness progress. Everybody whose Essence is Positive has the Mission to Cleanse the World by attracting the negative Frequencies in the World. This is a Universal Mission that everybody will take into effect in connection to automatism. These Energies are attracted parallel to the Evolutions.

However, in periods when negative energies intensify, the Essences cannot Tolerate this intensity and health problems come into effect. This is why Kozmoz has Bestowed the Knowledge Book to You as the Book of the Human. The Knowledge Book helps you by neutralizing these energies that the Essences cannot Attract.

Our friends, now if you would embark on an inner criticism with the Knowledge we have Given You, you can also see in a clear Manner which Karmas you have Completed or not Completed and you can Organize your life accordingly.

For your knowledge,