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Our Friends,


Of the exams your planet has gone through since its initial Existence until today, one of the crudest ones is MONEY, the second one is SEX. In the Last PROGRESS Scannings carried out due to the Difficult Conditions your World is experiencing at the moment,it has been Seenthat the subject of Sex has taken precedence over Matter.

For this reason, the Council of Universal Ordinance has taken the Decision to Notify the World Planet of these subjects ina clear Manner. In fact, Sex is a program dependent Completely on Influences.The reason why these Influences are given is the perpetuation of the race.

In the second stage, Will Power comes into effect. Those, whose Will Power is Weak can never Break Away from the medium of sex. However, for a Human to be able to attain Spiritual Culture it is imperative for him/her to be Satiated of Sex.

Since at the moment the intense Frequency of Cosmic Energies Activate Rather the lower Chakra Vibrations of those who LackEvolution, exams of sex take precedence over money and matter.

These programs are experienced in each period of awakening and Selections are carried out by these means. Sex is connected to the Dimension of Evolution and Satisfaction. True-Love is connected to the Divine Dimension. ?One goes to Allah throughTRUE-LOVE, not throughthe FLESH?.True-Love is a Divine Culture. On your Planet, Until this moment, Nobodyhas yet been able to make the Description of True-Love. In fact, ? The Eye Sees the Eye, the Essence Recognizes the Heart?. This here is the actual description of true-love.

Sex and True-Love have been connected to the ALPHA Program, as they are Connected to the Frequency of Love.In the case of Money and Matter, , they have been connected to the BETA Program, as the Self and the Intellect have priority. Those who integrate the INTELLECT and the HEART in the Alpha medium, who Cut the Alpha Energy Line and make the transition by connecting to the Beta Energy Line are ?Genuine Humans?.

Henceforth, they are the Humans not of the World, but of the System. Those who use their Intellect with aSelfturned into Egoare the ones who are Captive to Money and Matter. And Now, on your Planet that has entered the GAMA Medium, first those who have Unified theirTotality of Heart Totality with their Intellect are being Scanned.

Intellects turned into Ego, however, will be Abandoned to programs in World Life Conditions. For this reason, ?the Decree of Everyone has been Placed in their Own Hands?.

It is presented for your information.