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Explanation of the Sextuple Star, the Formal Symbol of the Reality of Unified Humanity,
With the Letter M


Our friends,

Kozmoz Uses the Letter M as a Power Symbol of the Land of the Eagles. Therefore, the Frequency of This Letter is Very High. As you know, The Reality Totality is an Establishment that runs the Hierarchical Scales of the All-Dominating Dimension of the Gürz System collectively with the Golden Galaxy Empire and that is Known as the ( UNITY OF ALLAH ).

Now, let us explain the Operational Ordinance of this Establishment with triangles. First, draw a Letter M. Then, combine the upper and lower endpoints of this Letter with two Lines.


In this figure, you obtain 3 triangles. Now, number these.

1 ? In the first triangle, RELIGIOUS worship is carried out.

2 ? In the second triangle ESSENCE worship is carried out.

3 ? In the third triangle CONSCIOUSNESS worship is carried out.

The triangles number One and Two are Religious triangles and they are Defined as Right-Side-Up Triangles. All Books of Religion are Books that train. triangle This Right-Side-Up Triangle that you see in the Reality Star Represents the ENFOLDING of the triangles 1 and 2, one on top of the other. Therefore, this Right-Side-Up Triangle is a Religious triangle. And it Represents ALLAH?s face of BEAUTY.

In the Upside-Down Triangle number 3 upsidedowntriangle CONSCIOUSNESS worship is carried out. This is the Dimension of Test. Here, ALLAH?s face of FURY is valid. This is called the UNITY Dimension.

Now, combine the RIGHT-SIDE-UP and UPSIDE-DOWN triangles in the form of the Reality Star. star

Thus the Knowledge Book conveys the Entire Humanity to the Salvation Dimension in accordance with This Star.

It is presented for your information.