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Our friends,

Kozmoz always takes into effect its Programs according to the development of Society. For this reason, sanctions and detailed explanations of the Working Ordinances are notified later. If no results can be obtained from the Suggested Studies then different Versions of those Working Ordinances are taken into effect.

Programs are the same but their applications are different. In this way changes in the Working Ordinances come into effect. The aim is for humanity to reach a certain Light of Consciousness. For this reason, all the Study Programs Given to the World Planet presently are Subject to Application as of the date the messages are Given.

Many of the Working ordinances which are in the Knowledge Book are programs related to the Anatolian program until the year 2000. However, at the moment, many of these programs have been applied and taken out of the program.

All the information revealed to your planet as Sacred Books from the past until today was so that Humanity was made to Gain the Power to Draw the Cosmic Energies by achieving Consciousness progression.

A consciousness who cannot Draw the Cosmic Energies cannot obtain Consciousness, cannot accomplish his/her Evolution and progression. However, henceforth, the Knowledge Book gives its Cosmic Energy Generously to everyone who reads it, through the Light ? Photon ? Cyclone Technique.

For this reason, there is no more need for different rituals and meditations in any way. This is the Surest and the Easiest path offered to Humanity. Through the Studies carried out on the path of the Knowledge Book, one Exits from Omega and receives the Right to Live in more advanced Dimensions.

This is the Final Program. This program taken into effect presently by the Knowledge Book was formerly taken into Effect through the Sacred Books as a progression program of 3 Stages. These are Respectively Evaluated as Seven Terrestrial - Seven Celestial ? Seven Universal Knowledge.

1 - Seven Terrestrial Knowledge comprises the distance between the Sun and the World. Here, there are 7 Knowledge Layers, 9 Energy Dimensions. 9th Dimension is the Love Dimension. This is also called the Serenity Dimension. As the NEW TESTAMENT was revealed from this Dimension, It Just Carries the Love Frequency.

It is obligatory that everyone Serving on the Path of the New Testament meditates up to this dimension in order for the Cosmic Energies to be drawn.

2 - Seven Celestial Knowledge is between 9th and the 18th Dimensions. Saturn, which is the Exit Gate of the First Solar System comprises the 18th Dimension and the Power of its Energy is 72. The KORAN, the Book of Islam was dictated from Here. The 18th dimension is the End of the ALPHA Channel; one passes from Here to OMEGA, which is 19th Dimension.

18th dimension is also called the Level of Perfection. This is the final Dimension that the perfect human beings are able to reach. The KORAN, the Book of Islam was revealed to the World from the 9th Dimension, in accordance with the Consciousness of the human being of that period. In the Section of the KORAN up to the 9th dimension, there?s Formal Worship. In the section between the 9th to the 18th Dimension, first the ESSENCE Worship, then the CONSCIOUSNESS Worship come into effect.

Cosmic Energies are drawn by reading the Verses and the Surahs in the KORAN repeatedly many times using the method of DOUBLING and the 7 Celestial Knowledge is received in this way.

In the section from the 9th Dimension to the 18th dimension, first the ESSENCE Worship, then the CONSCIOUSNESS Worship come into effect.

The Divine Knowledge given from the 9th and the 18th Dimensions are Considered SACRED. For this reason, the NEW TESTAMENT and the KORAN are Sacred Books. It is a Must that they are Accepted as they are without questioning. The Symbol of All the Knowledge given up to the 18th Dimension is Right side up Triangle triangle .Here, ALLAH is on the top of the triangle and Servants are below.

In these Dimensions, ALLAH trains human beings through Sacred Books and his Love and gives them everything they desire. Later, through 7 Universal Knowledge, he declares the Truth to the Human Being who has been trained.

3 - 7 Universal Knowledge is OMEGA and Beyond. Your Spiritual Energy Connection is disconnected at ALPHA and is connected to the BETA Line the moment you gain the ability to receive the 72nd Energy power which is the end of the 18th Dimension. Here is the 19th Dimension. The Symbol of this Dimension is the Upside-Down Triangle upsidedowntriangle . This Dimension is the Dimension of Test for the trained human being.

Here ALLAH does not give anything to his Servants, the Servants serve ALLAH. The Dimensions of the Right-Side-Up Triangle triangle are ALPHA. The Dimensions of the Upside-Down Triangle upsidedowntriangle are BETA. In the past, You were Prepared through this Knowledge for the Future. Now, you are receiving 7 Universal Knowledge through the KNOWLEDGE BOOK.

The Frequency of the Book Carries the Power of 19th Dimension. Now, the Knowledge Book is preparing you for the Exit from Omega by training you in This Dimension.

If Humanity has reached the perfection required of Humanity by the Sacred Books, then the Tests are Very easy and the World is lived beautifully. Otherwise, if you have Karmas which you brought from the past, then considerable Difficulties are experienced until you Clean them. In these Universal tests, the human being is Always tested by the Human being.

In the Knowledge Book, 7 Universal Knowledge are received through the Light ? Photon ? Cyclone Technique. Let us Repeat here again;

LIGHT: Loads Time Energy onto the Letters.

PHOTON: Fixes Dimension Energies onto the Letters.

CYCLONE: Enables you to reach the Frequencies of the Dimensions which were inaccessible until today.

In order for a human being to Meet the Knowledge Book, he/she has to have the Power to be able to Draw the 72nd Energy. The Energy of the Masnavi is 72 and this Book has been serving humanity for more than 800 years on this path.

The Knowledge Book is a Cosmic Book and on your Entire planet Only This Book has been connected to the Reflection System. Writing this Book by Hand is Very important ( in order for you to be able to Exist ). One of the Greatest Tests of this Final Age is the Law of ACCEPTANCE.

In this period Everyone is Obliged to Accept Everyone and everything with their good, bad and crooked sides. Otherwise they cannot receive the Permission of Exit. Thus, the Knowledge Book prepares Humanity for maturity in This direction. However, nothing happens all at once. If you Compare the moments you are experiencing now with your Past, you?ll Personally witness how you have changed and matured in Time.

It is presented for your information.


NOTE: Within the KORAN, the Book of Islam, there is 7 Terrestrial, 7 Celestial and 7 Universal Knowledge. However, the Frequency and the Energy of 7 Universal Knowledge can only be received through the Knowledge Book.