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( It is Answer to Thoughts )

Our friends,

In All the Working ordinances taken into effect by the Divine Plan Many different Study programs are Applied from micro to macro (In All Sectors of your Planet). For this reason, Standardization is out of Question in All the Studies.

Programs unfold leaf by leaf parallel to the progressions made by Human Consciousnesses. Kozmoz first Gives the messages it will Give by Speech. This is a program. However, if no result is obtained from this then Knowledge is brought down to the program as a sanction.

Each new sanction given is a more Comprehensive Version of the preceding sanction. However, since Humanity does not know this, it displays an Essence Reaction to every new sanction. All knowledge Given to the World planet is always taken into effect parallel to the levels of Consciousness.

Universal Responsibility does not form before Consciousness Totality is formed. For this reason, in All Operational Ordinances that are carried out, Programs of Gradually Rendering Consciousness are taken into effect. In this way, every Consciousness goes through Many Study programs by advancing step by step in parallel with the Studies he/she is carrying out. And they Arrive at the Studies that are carried out at This moment.

All these Efforts made are programs taken into effect for the Salvation of Humanity and your planet. As the Sacred Books have held Humane consciousnesses in the medium of Lethargy until today Humanity has only relied on ALLAH and expected Everything from Him. And they have never Encountered any Difficulty in the medium of Allegiance.

A Human Being Acquiring his/her Personality is possible by Resistance to Difficulty. In this Final Age, All Studies carried out on your planet are investments related to Humanity Acquiring its Personality and Responsibility.

Alpha is the medium of Love and Lethargy. Here the Human Being is purified and Gains Consciousness by Drawing the Cosmics. Beta is the path of Intellect and Logic. Here, direct action is valid. All Studies carried out in this program cause Humanity to gain Responsibility and acquire a Personality.

Centuries ago when the influences of Cosmic Energies on the Human being were being Discussed, Kozmoz had taken into effect Many preventive package programs And also Study ordinances in that period for the negative situations which were to come into effect through Personality Problems.

And this medium to be experienced was called RESURRECTION in your Sacred Books. Now Humanity is passing through this narrow Passage. And Genuine Human Beings are Selected one by one from amongst Humanity and the Sound Foundations of the Morrows are being laid. All negativities experienced right now are Entirely the Chaos Originating from Worldly Consciousnesses. Kozmoz is the Protector and Defender of Genuine Human Beings.

It is presented for your Information.