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( It is Answer to the Thoughts )

Dear Friends,

On Your Planet which has been directly connected to the Applied Program as of the middle of your Twentieth Century, the paths of Salvation have been Prepared for the Human Beings of your planet, by Registering One by One All Actual Situations And Thoughts Rendered Effective until today.

During that Time Period, Your World has made Great progressions. However, besides this, both Individual, as well as National Karmas have caused your planet to experience Chaos, You call This, Resurrection.

The World Human Being is As Yet Still Deprived of the Consciousness, what Resurrection is. All Programs connected to the Reality of the Unified Humanity and All the authorizations Given to it are Programs related Entirely to the Salvation of Your Planet.

World Year 2012 is in fact a milestone year of the World. The World Human Being has instinctively Awaited this year with Great Fear. In fact, what they Feared was not the World Ceasing to Exist, but their Intuitions. For, those who are Excessively Fond of Being at Ease, have been Fearful of a more disciplined World.

In fact, the Mayan Calendar is not an End, but a new Beginning. It is the good news that the Human Being who has attained Consciousness will View his/her World With Different Eyes, being more Conscious and Responsible. Kozmoz would not have been able to explain this to Anyone in that Period.

The World Frequency 2012 will cause Ready Consciousnesses to take more Responsibility. And those who carry This Consciousness will no longer strive for their Personal Interest, but will concern themselves More with the Problems of their World and render effective the Conscious Suggestions about how it is to be Saved.

It is not We, but You who will Save Your Planet. After the year 2012 in All Sectors of Your Planet observable Progressions will be Made. The Foundation of the World State of Tomorrow will be laid Officially.

The human beings of Kozmoz, who Serve on the Universal path, will Act taking the Truth more Seriously and as a necessity of the law of Service to the Human Being, they will make it their Purpose to Serve their Other Brothers and Sisters in the World. The Mistakes that have been seen in the Missions carried out until today, will be admitted within the Law of Forgiveness, and No Concessions will be Made for Mistakes made After February 18 of the year 2012.

It is presented for Your Information.