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Our Friends,

The entire World is Card-indexed to the A.6.1. magnetic field and the Dimension of everybody who has attained a Body on your Planet is Connected to this field. This field is an Open Area. Here there is Free Access to All Channels from all Dimensions.

Kozmoz has, in This Final Age, taken into effect and Connected to the Reality of Unified Humanity the Protective Roof which it has Connected Only to its Own magnetic field and has Named AS.6.1. for the World Unification Project.

The key of this Protective Roof is the KNOWLEDGE BOOK. Those who Serve on the path of the Knowledge Book Gain the Right to get under this Protective Roof. A negative Power can never enter the Channels of those who Serve on this path.

Since the Reality will reveal All the Truths to the World, it opened the Dimension Channels of everyone who has Attained a Body in the World. These Channels were opened as either Connected to the Knowledge Channel or the Intuition Channel.

All the Information taken into effect through the Channels of Knowledge and Intuition are drawn from the A.6.1 World magnetic field, however, these Cosmic Energies Carry Radiation. Everyone is Very fond of receiving Information from his/her Channel. This is Very Pleasurable.

But if the Entity turns this habit into an Passion, he/she lives in the Chaos that the Whole World is living in and Remains within A.6.1 magnetic field. And through the energies he/she has Drawn he/she carries the Risk of Cancer.

The Knowledge Book is a Cosmic Book. It is only the Special Frequency it Carries that neutralizes these Radioactive Energies and that does not Allow them to effect You. The Reading Programs have come into effect for this reason. The Writing Programs have come into effect for this reason.

The Knowledge Book is a Very Special Book that has been taken into effect for the ?World Unification Project?, collectively by the Divine Forces of ALLAH and the Technological Dimension.

This Book has been Prepared Technologically and it is the Single Book that will Reveal the Consciousness Light of the Human Being within the shortest Time by engrafting him/her with an Energy Thousand Prophets could not Give.

Your Planet meets a Book like This for the first time. It is Imperative for a Human Being to be able to Draw Cosmic Energies in order to Make Evolution. Cosmic Energies are Energies that allow the Human Being to attain Consciousness and Cognizance.

However, as these Energies are Drawn in accordance with the Evolutions, the Knowledge Book allows those who cannot draw these Energies yet, attain the Power to be able to Draw these Evolution Energies. The System has Always Given Humanity the announcement ?Close Your Channels and Discipline them?.

However, a Human Being who is outside the System can never discipline and close his/her Channel with his/her Own Consciousness. This program is Completely in the hands of the System. When the Time comes, the System Always opens these Dimension Channels and Closes them in accordance with the Entity?s grasping of the program.

Whenever the Entity grasps the Truth with his/her Own Essence Consciousness and undertakes in a Conscious manner his/her Mission on this path, then the System disciplines his/her Channel and Accepts him/her to the System and Connects his/her Channel to the AS.6.1 magnetic field.

If an Entity who Serves on the path of Knowledge Book keeps his/her Channel Open to Other Channels because of his/her Hunger for Knowledge despite the announcements of the System, System takes him/her under the AS.6.1 Roof as a necessity of the Study he/she is carrying out, but never Connects his/her Channel to Its Own magnetic field. The System Leaves his/her Channel in the A.6.1 Dimension. .

The Chaos experienced by those who are experiencing certain distressing events even though they Serve on the path of the Knowledge Book, Results from this. The Soundest way of getting under the AS.6.1 Protective Roof of the Reality is by walking on the path of the Knowledge Book with Consciousness.

An Entity does not come to Earth for the sake of his/her Own Pleasure. The System Grants Everyone a Time period for the Completion of their Imperfections if they Have any. Within this Time period, Karmas are Completed and the Evolutions are Attained, only then one says ?Hello? to the Reality.

Saying hello to the Reality means to adopt the purpose of Service by being Connected to the Law of Service to Humanity on the path of the Knowledge Book and to be Card-indexed to the magnetic field of the System by earning the Right to get under the AS.6.1 Roof.

In this Final Age, the Divine Plan has Withdrawn to the background as a necessity of the program and turned the Whole program, Even the Right of Attaining a Body, over to the Reality. However, it has not Given the key of All the Dimensions and of the Exit to Omega to Anybody.

Thus, the Final Verdict Always lies with the Divine Plan. In this Final Transition medium, to receive the assent of the Divine plan is to take into effect All the Study Ordinances of the System on behalf of Humanity.

The AS.6.1 Channel is card-indexed to the magnetic field where the Laws of Service to Humanity are made. Everybody who has adopted the purpose of Service to Humanity in Each Sector on Your Planet, Earns the Right to get under the Protective Roof of the AS.6.1 Channel.

However, the System never allows an Entity to Use this Honorable Study that he/she is to take into effect for his/her Personal benefit and Leaves his/her Channel in the A.6.1 Dimension.

It is Presented for Your Information.