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( It is Answer to the Thoughts )

Our Friends,

Kozmoz has at the moment Accelerated its project of Transporting Human Beings to Other Colonies before the End of the World comes. The Beta Nova project is also a program that has been taken into effect for this reason. Kozmoz will Grant Permission for Transition to everyone who has Attained a Body in the 20th Century, Provided they Deserve it.

In this Manner the 20th Century program will Close completely, a brand new 21st Century program will come into effect. The 21st Century will be a completely Conscious Age of Intellect. The Information Kozmoz has Given to the World Planet Until today could Meet the intellect only in 8 years in normal intellects.

Whereas with the Human Being of the 21st Century there will be no Such Problem and since Human Beings will come with their programs, they will take what the Knowledge Book requests into effect with Consciousness. Besides this, there will be rather intensive Chaos experienced between Consciousnesses, since also those who have More Karmas will come into effect in the 21st Century.

Since in the 22nd century those who have more intense Karmas will come into effect, your planet will experience its most Difficult days in this Period. The 23rd Century will be a Community that will be taken into effect by those who have been taken into Salvation. In this Period those who are Carrying in their Bones the Spiritual and Lordly Energies, 8 and 9, through the Studies they have carried out on the path of the Knowledge Book in their former lives, will Attain Bodies and be taken into Salvation.

Those who will come to the World by way of Birth as of the Beginning of the 23rd Century will be trained by being Subjected to a Rapid Evolution in Colonies outside the World. The first steps of the Golden Age will have been taken in this Manner. Births into the World will come in effect parallel to Evolutions.

In that Period also, there will be Differences between Evolutions. However, no Evolution programs will ever be Applied on them, Human Beings will take into effect their Evolutions Visually and Consciously with Free Spirit and Awareness. The World population will be reduced to half its Capacity, the Balance of Human Being and Nature will come into effect as half and half.

A Lot of Human Beings who live on your Planet at the moment are Using their Last Rights in This Final Transition Dimension. However, since This Situation is not known, Humanity Somehow cannot Free itself from the Vortex of the World?s magnetic field.

For this reason Kozmoz has Bestowed on your planet the Knowledge Book In this Last Period as a Savior. The consciousness Levels of the Human Beings living on your planet are separate. Now, due to the wish to assemble these separate Consciousnesses under the same Roof, Kozmoz felt the necessity to disclose All Truths to Humanity.

It is presented for your information.