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( It is answer to Thoughts )

Our friends,

In this Final Transition program of your Planet, the Reality of Unified Humanity which has Officially received the authority to apply to your Medium a Study program parallel to the Divine Ordinance Laws, is a group which is obliged to convey and apply exactly to your Planet All the Studying Ordinances taken into effect by the All Merciful Dimension and the Administrative Authorities.

In these Study orders provided by the Kozmoz, making changes in accordance with Individual Views is out of Question in any way. These programs take into effect a Medium of Selection, Responsibility, Belief and Self-sacrifice, and Separate and select Human Beings among Human Beings in this way through Consciousness Scannings.

However, taking into consideration the Unconscious situations which the Consciousnesses that are just awakening bring into being during their sleepy mediums, Tolerance Programs have been applied to humanity.

On your planet which has been taken into a Very Special Study medium in accordance with the 1900 Accelerated Evolution program, the first Powerful Application was taken into effect in the Anatolian Dimension where the Alpha Magnetic Field is. Following the Establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923 World Year, World Social orders were taken into effect until the world year 1940 and after this date Spiritual Mediums were gradually Introduced to your planet.

After the World year 1960, Galactic Dimensions opened up to your planet and Cosmic Rays began to be Given. On your planet which Exhibited a Standard World Life until the 1950?s, Chaos among human beings began to be experienced as the Cosmic Rays brought forth the Genuine Personalities and through this path the exams of Patience - Self-sacrifice ? Tolerance - Personality- Responsibility came into effect.

Kozmoz has applied very special Study Programs to your planet until the World year 2000 and has relayed the Truths to humanity with the Knowledge Book. The duty of the Anatolian Staff which is within the alpha magnetic field is, at the moment, to take into effect the World Unification Project, to convey the suggestions and Study Ordinances of Kozmoz to the Entire World.

It is presented for your Information