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( It is Answer to Thoughts )

Our friends,

Everyone acting with the Consciousness of the Whole is always obliged to take into effect the studies in accordance with the suggestions of the System. However, as Humanity prioritized their Individual Consciousnesses, not One but a Thousand interpretations were made of each given message in spite of All the explanations made until today; and Humanity has taken into effect difficulties Sourcing from themselves on this Universal path they should have treaded very Easily.

In the Thoughts resulting from the Recent Consciousness Scans made among all the friends who have given their covenants to serve Entire World Planet as the Staff of the World Brotherhood Union, it has been determined that time is being lost because of dealing with very unnecessary details rather than with the Consciousness of directly carrying out the Duties.

For us, the Duty to be carried out is at the forefront. It is Humanity?s most Natural Right to learn about the reasons behind all that is required of you. However, the scarcity of time requires that the Duty to be carried out should always be kept in the forefront.

It is Imperative that you who are living in the World of contradictions at the moment first attain the Consciousness of what the Knowledge Book is. All the Hitches arise from the view regarding the printing of the Knowledge Book at the same level with that of other World Books. The Knowledge Book is a very Original Frequency Book.

The Book which is dictated with the Light-Photon-Cyclone Technique loads the Energy of the Day and the Energy of Time on the letter frequencies which you see and read.

The printing of the Knowledge Book as fascicules and as a Book are separate because of the differences of Dimensions. The Book is printed by being directly connected to the Dimension of All-Merciful and with the frequency of it. As the fascicules are connected to the study programs, they are card-indexed to the Reality. The Reality Follows and Regulates the Studies carried out.

The special Technique of the Knowledge Book adjusts its frequency according to the Human Beings by taking into effect the Consciousness progressions, the Evolution Scales. The Photon Technique loads the Time Energy on the Letter Frequencies. And Prevents the jumbling of the frequencies by putting a Panel between it and the Past Time Energies.

The Book opens up to a Human Being who reads it that Frequency which is equivalent to the Consciousness Light of that reader. And takes into effect other Frequency Dimensions in sequence, in accordance with the Consciousness Progression of the Entity. To those who have Personality Problems, who are far from the Unification Awareness, who are not in Peace within Themselves, the Knowledge Book locks up its Totalistic frequency and does not relay its Energy and Frequency to the Entity. It just relays the Knowledge.

For this reason, That Entity cannot make any Consciousness Progression. He/she remains in the Dimension Frequency he/she is currently in. For, what makes him/her make Consciousness progression is the Book?s Frequency and Energy. Apart from this, the Book has many more Functions peculiar to itself. However, we are mentioning here only the matters that concern you. For this reason, the Knowledge Book is called <the Living Book that is Alive.>

On the Fascicules of the Knowledge Book loaded on the internet, there is only Information, there is no Energy.

In this Final Age, different programs are being applied to different interpretations arising from every thought. The System feels the necessity to make explanations in some cases in this manner, as lapses according to perceptions are being determined in many programs.

It is presented to your information