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( It is Explanation Concerning the Knowledge Book )

Our Friends,

The life Conditions on your Planet which has reached the threshold of a major progression have become quite upsetting and Distressful. For this reason, Kozmoz has reached the decision to explain All the Truths to Humanity in All Clarity.

In the Salvation Program of This Final Age when Consciousness Progressions have and will gradually come into effect, the fact that All the Studies carried out on the path of the Knowledge Book are, for the moment, being taken into effect in the direction of Worldly views and interpretations is causing the desired walk on this Universal path to be disrupted.

In order for an Entity to be taken into the Salvation Program, it is Obligatory that he/she enters the Protective magnetic field of the Knowledge Book and Serves on its path with Universal Consciousness and faith. The Knowledge Book has programs Peculiar to Itself that are yet Unknown to the World planet.

As Kozmoz has Predicted centuries ago the situations your planet is experiencing at this moment, it has Applied many Supervision programs to the Knowledge Book. The Knowledge Book is a Book that is Alive with a very intensive Energy potential, that lives, sees and scans Consciousnesses and gives out its Frequencies by supervising them according to the Consciousness progressions and views of the Persons.

The Knowledge Book has been Designed as the Book of the Human Being and is a Guru that trains every human being according to his/her Consciousness level. Meeting the Knowledge Book is a matter of permission. Each Individual who has received this permission and received the right to Work on the path of the Knowledge Book does not any more need to Work with Meditation ? Yoga and various similar Rituals such as these.

Such Studies are Preparatory Studies necessarily carried out until humanity receives the Knowledge Book. And these Studies that you have carried out until today have Prepared you for these days. The Knowledge Book is a Totalistic Frequency and, due to its Mission, is the SINGLE BOOK which Gathers All Frequencies and Energies within its Constitution.

Let us Repeat so that the message is understood properly. Since the Knowledge Book is a Book which Regulates its Frequency according to the Consciousness and Frequency Power of each human being, it is also called the Living Book. There is no need for an Entity that has Gained the Right to the program of Working with the Knowledge Book to henceforth further be engaged with different Energies in Any Way.

For, such Energy Studies are programs that have trained You Until Today ( to Deserve the Knowledge Book ). Since the Knowledge Book is directly the Book of ALLAH, the Energies and Frequencies of All the Studies currently carried out on your planet either Individually Or en Masse are Present as a Whole within This Book. Individuals who have not yet met the Knowledge Book may continue Such Studies. For, they still have the need for These Types of Energies and they will be Prepared.

When an Individual takes into effect the Studies on the path of the Knowledge Book, in Case he/she also Continues with his/her Previous Work, the Knowledge Book automatically cuts off its Frequency. And That Person will only read the Information of the Book just like a Novel. However, he/she can never benefit from its Frequency. And for this reason he/she cannot make any Consciousness progression. He/she will Remain in the Evolution Consciousness that he/she is Presently in and cannot enter the Salvation Program.

The Knowledge Book is a Book of Unification and Acceptance. This is the Essence Frequency of the Book. Those who are in the Discrimination Consciousness can never receive This Essence Frequency of the Knowledge Book. In Case anyone carrying out Studies with the Knowledge Book does not accept a Friend, a Person or someone from his/her family, then the Book automatically Locks up its Frequency. It deprives That Person of its Energy.

Since the Knowledge Book was Prepared with the Light ? Photon - Cyclone Technique, it is through this Technique that the Book Scans the Thoughts of Individuals and Regulates its Frequency according to the Persons. The fact that we have told you that Other Energies would Shatter the magnetic aura of the Book during the Knowledge Book Studies was to explain that You would not be able to benefit from the Energy of the Book.

As you know, the Knowledge Book has many More Functions peculiar to Itself. However, these are not disclosed and explained to humanity before the Time is right. First, the messages are Given. Then, the Study programs are taken into effect. And then, the Views and understanding of the Individuals towards the Studies are Scanned one by one.

Afterwards, keeping the Scarcity of Time in Consideration, the disclosure of the Information parallel to Public Consciousness is permitted. For this reason, we are giving You This message. Our Friends, we would like to share Some of Our Thoughts with You.

In these Universal Studies carried out, instead of dealing with Personality Problems, please stop and take your logic into effect for a moment. First of all, think of why You wish to be Present in Such a Medium and ask Yourselves this. We think that the Essence of Everyone will Deliver their Masters the Answer to this. And henceforth, When You take the Studies into effect with the Voice of Your Essence, you will have seized the Eternal Peace of Mind.

As long as You have Fixations in Your Thoughts and Passions in Your Essence, You can never be attached to Anything and any Work. Conscious Mission comes into effect by Realizing the path that is trodden. The reason of People focusing on People is that they have not Yet Stepped outside the World Consciousness and View. No Evolution progression can be made in such a Situation.

For this reason Difficult programs of Learning by experiencing come into effect. It is Only the Human Being Himself/Herself who is responsible for all that is experienced. That is why it is Said ?The Verdict of Everyone has been Handed to themselves?. Our wish is for the Whole Humanity to reach a desired Consciousness progression in the shortest Time.

It is presented for Your Information.



NOTE: The World Consciousnesses coming into effect in the Universal programs is the Source of the Failures.