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( It is Answer to Thoughts )

Our Friends,

Henceforth Everyone knows that your Planet is a Dimension of Tests. For this reason, Every Entity is Incarnated to this Dimension many times to Gain Experience and to Complete his/her Evolution by making Consciousness Progression.

In the World Evolution Dimension there are many Study Ordinances and missions from which everyone can benefit according to his/her Conciousness level. Each Human Being Serves within these in accordance with the Duty he/she will carry out. Each mission is a staircase which will exalt a Human Being to Divine Power according to the progressions to be made.

The Stages a Human Being Gains by experience until he/she becomes a Genuine Human Being are much heavier and much more intense than the Studies which the Sytem requires from You at the moment.

Every Entity Knocks on Many doors in the World Quest Dimension to be able to make Consciousness progression. However, the Gate of the World Brotherhood Union is the Last Gate to be Knocked on. Until one reaches this door, many Rituals are Programs taken into Effect for You to make progression ( like Meditation ? Reiki ? Healing ? Crystal Work ? Herbs and Incences ).

The magnetic influences of all These, Peculiar to Themselves, Prepare You for a certain Consciousness progression. The aims of All the Sacred Books Served until today are the Higher Versions of the same Program.

However, the Gate of the World Brotherhood Union is an Omega Gate that Prepares the Human Being for the Exit. And the Key of this Gate is the ?KNOWLEDGE BOOK?. After receiving the permission to Have this Book, there is no more need for Any Rituals whatsoever.

For, to everyone who is Serving on the path of this Book and who is reading the Book, the System itself Applies the Benefits to be obtained from these Rituals to the Individual. Whatever an Entity needs, as the Light-Photon-Cyclon Technique realizes the Scanning of your Body and Consciousness, the System is Aware of You every moment.

The mission of the World Brotherhood Union is a reflection focal point. It is Necessary that the magnetic field formed in this focal point is in no way Fractured, Fluctuated. Fractures formed on a magnetic field Always takes the reflection Technique out of effect.

The Knowledge Book is a meditation Book. For this reason, there is no need to meditate. The Knowledge Book Scans the aura, the Consciousness Level, the Thought Frequency of Everyone as the Book is being read and card-indexes them to the System.

Since instruments measuring auras and Frequencies taken into effect Technologically on your planet, Bio-energies, Programs such as acupuncture will affect the positive fields which the Knowledge Book forms in Your Constitution, the System does not Hold these kinds of studies within its Own magnetic field.

These studies, which are the Source of Income for some friends, are supervised by the System in the Study Medium. However, these friends are accountable for Applying these studies only in the World Plan. They cannot apply them to those Working with the Knowledge Book.

Every Individual may read the Books they wish in their Own Private magnetic fields. However, they may not read them in the Study Mediums.  For, if there are fractures in the magnetic field,  Kozmoz can never take into effect Reflections soundly and cannot card-index the Studies.

Celestial Staffs register All the Studies carried out in a Focal Point onto the Universal Computers.  If the Study carried out on that day cannot be registered, the Totality receives a negative point. And one day, all these negative points accumulated within Time Processes take this Study Focal Point out of the System.

In This System each World Citizen has been loaded onto this Universal Computer with his/her past. Here, Everyone has a private Daily diskette and a Universal archive number. In this way, All the Thoughts are Registered by thus being Scanned on the Screen of the System.

During these Universal Studies, the System Expects the exact Application of the suggestions Given. There is no room for Individual Thoughts in these Cosmic Study Focal Points. For, magnetic auras are formed by Collective Consciousnesses. For this reason, Reading and Studying Program of the Knowledge Book has been taken into effect on the grounds that everyone cannot be at the same Consciousness level.

In this way it is being Tried to form Healthy magnetic fields. And this message has been written since the System is displaying maximum Meticulous Care in order for the magnetic fields not to be fractured. Now let us give you Some examples of the factors effecting the magnetic field.

1. Every Strong Sound Frequency can Fracture the magnetic field ( One should not speak during the studies ).

2. As Sneezing, Coughing, Sound Waves emitted as a result of Dropping Something on the floor by Accident are done instinctively, that is, they cannot be helped, they are kept outside the reflection System. This is a program.

3. Sound Waves Emitted as a result of Conscious Actions fluctuate the magnetic field. For example; like Wandering around the room while the Study is being carried out, like Talking on the Phone.

4. Magnetic fields are like Still Water and Air. A leaf or a branch of a normal tree does not sway by itself. A wind or a Factor is the cause of this motion.

5. Magnetic Fields form by Powers of Thought. The System neutralizes the Frequencies of the Individual Thoughts during the Studies ( for the magnetic fields not to fluctuate ). It takes only the Knowledge into effect.

6. The Entire Ordinance of the Cosmoses are in communication with Each other through the Technological Programs applied in this way. In order for a Knowledge to reflect Soundly, there are Conditions that should be met.

7. Each Study carried out is connected at that Moment to a Frequency Dimension in its Own Constitution.

8. Through the magnetic field formed in the Study Medium, the Knowledge of the Medium is drawn and reflected to Other Dimensions.

9. The Attraction Power of the Frequency Dimension locks its Dimension automatically the moment it comes across Other Dimension Information in that magnetic field.

10. For this reason, during Studies, Information from the Books containing Channel Information and Frequency cannot be given, Dreams that one has had cannot be spoken of. One cannot go out of the Knowledge of the Fascicule which is being Read.

11. Bio-Energies, acupuncture, any work carried out with Technological instruments Scanning or Forming magnetic fields Always neutralize the Positive Energies of the Knowledge Book accumulating in the Constitution of an Entity. And the Entity cannot benefit from the Frequency of the Book.

12. A Body which does not integrate with the Frequency of the Knowledge Book can never receive permission for transition. For this reason Kozmoz is displaying Meticulous care for the magnetic fields.

13. Since the nicotine in cigarettes and any narcotics used Block your Cosmic Channels, Cells cannot draw Cosmic Energy and therefore cannot make transition and remain within their Systems.

Let us briefly repeat the Summary of the message Given up till now in order to expain it to you more clearly. During the Studies, Phones are turned off so that the magnetic fields are not fractured because of the Sound Frequency. In case of private needs such as Going to the Bathroom or Drinking water, the person stands up quietly without any noise and may thus meet his/her needs. No two people can talk privately during the Studies. Noone can give healing to another person in the Group.

Different Frequency Books may not be read in the Group. Dreams may not be spoken of, Because every dream has a magnetic field. When one is ill, he/she goes to the doctor- takes medicine, herbs/plants and teas which effect the brain functions and the metabolism negatively cannot be taken. There can be no smoking or taking alcohol before coming to the Studies. These Studies are Very Serious and Sound Studies.

As cigarettes block the attraction of the Cosmics, that Human Being cannot make his/her Evolution Progression. And alcohol creates a World Karma for you.

Our friends, we want to Erase the Questions and Uncertainties in your Thoughts by henceforth explaining everything more openly to you with This Long message. For this reason, the Supreme Mechanism, considering it appropriate to take into effect the summary of the message dated 21.09.1993 from the Knowledge Book, wishes to Remind you of the Purpose of your Studies once again.

The Knowledge Book is a Book of Truth which declares everything with All clarity to the World Planet. And the Essence of the Book is explained with the 4 articles within the message given on the World Date 21.09.1993. Please write.

1. In this Transition Dimension, programs which will exceed the Limits of normal life will be taken into application and programs of Change through Very Accelerated Evolution will come into effect.

2. In this way, the Totalistic Evolution of the Natural Gürz will be Completed During Three Cosmic Ages.

3. For this reason, the Duty of the Mini Atomic Whole which constitutes the Godly Totality of the Natural Gürz will henceforth end, and an Accelerated Operational Program has been taken into effect in order to be able to claim the Duties in different Dimensions.

4. The Efforts submitted by the human being of this final Age on the Evolutionary path are the Wars of Life and Existence that they are fighting in order not to perish.

Our friends, it is just for this reason that the exact Application of the Given suggestions is required in the Studies. Everyone who is Conscious of his/her Responsibility is aware of the Seriousness of this program. Those who have uncertainties and those who Still run after Knowledge as well as those who cannot undertake his/her Responsibility are automatically taken out of this program.

Those who can not attain the Truth Consciousness in this period will be able to catch up with this Universal Consciousness during their second or the third Incarnations. However, due to the scarcity of Time, Kozmoz grants the right of an incarnation to everyone who has received the permission to read the Knowledge Book only if they write the Book in their Handwriting.

Those who do not write will be transfered to their Dimensions. World Citizens who have not yet Come across the Knowledge Book will Gain the right of a Body on different parts of your planet in accordance with the Spiritual and Evolutionary Consciousness progressions they make.

However, they will also definitely receive the right to read the Knowledge Book within Three Rights of Incarnation. In this way the World Planet will be United with the Ordinance of the Cosmoses on the path of the Single Path ? Single System ? Single Book. We presume that with Knowledge this long and this clear, Thoughts of the Friends in the World have been aided.

It is presented for your information.

On Behalf of the Totality