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(It is answer to Thoughts)


Our friends,

All the Operational Ordinances considered necessary by the System on your Planet are submitted to Service under a Major supervision. All the Information given to you Until Today are Suggestions Prepared in parallel with the Thoughts taken into effect by Human Consciousnesses.

In order for an Entity to reach the Reality Consciousness, it is Imperative for him/her to Come out of the Consciousness of the medium he/she is In and to Reach the cognizance of the Truth. Only the Frequency of the Knowledge Book provides this for you. All the Suggestions Given to you in order for the Magnetic field not to be fractured during all the Studies carried out on the path of the Knowledge Book have been taken into effect for the Good of Humanity.

All of the Medical Work carried out under World conditions are All card-indexed directly to the System. For this reason, a Fracturing of the Aura during Medical Interventions is totally out of question. Auras are fractured by Thought Frequencies.

Studies carried out connected to Different Dimension Frequencies (such as Reiki and Meditation) or bodily scans carried out by Special apparatuses which have an effect on your Aura are the reason for the auras to be fractured (Except Medical Scans)

The Knowledge Book is a Cosmic Book prepared with a very special Technique. An Entity makes progress, Transcends Dimensions and Completes his/her Evolution with its Frequency. The Fracturing of the aura during studies carried out on the path of the Knowledge Book is a Phenomenon which has to do with the Special Frequency of the Knowledge Book locking itself up automatically in the presence of Other Magnetic fields.

Since the Frequency of the Knowledge Book being Locked up would interfere with your making Evolution, great care is taken for the auras not to be Fractured during Council and 18 Studies. Other than this, auras are Fractured for Various reasons on your Planet.

Feelings such as Jealousy, not Accepting an Entity, Personality Problems, Producing Negative Thoughts are reasons for the auras to be fractured. At All the focal points of Studies carried out with the Knowledge Book, alongside the ones mentioned above, studies carried out with Crystals are also the reason for the aura to be fractured.

If Thought Frequency is loaded on any Crystal thinking this Stone would heal this and that, and if you Carry that Stone with you with That thought in mind; then this Stone is the reason for the aura to be fractured in the medium where the study is carried out. Valuable Stones and metals used on your planet to make jewelry and ornaments do not Fracture Frequencies in any way since they are connected to a Special Protective aura of the Reality.

If the Channels of All the Friends working on the path of the Knowledge Book are Still open and if they cannot lock up the Frequency of the Dimension they have come from with their thoughts, or if they are still occupied with the subjects we have mentioned above which fracture the auras; then the Knowledge Book locks up its frequency only to the people who do all this, connected to the automated signature, during the studies carried out that day.

The aura of the medium will not be Fractured. Many friends who have received essence orders come to the Knowledge Book Study Staffs and then automatically leave the program through the Influences given due to the negative situations stated above.

In All Studies carried out on the path of the knowledge Book, an Individual never leaves the medium of his/her own accord. The system Leaves him/her out of Effect with the Influences given. For this reason, the Knowledge Book Study Focal Points are in Service on your Planet as focal points of Genuine Human Beings who use their intellect-logic-awareness Consciousnesses.

The fact that the fracture of the auras was not desired in our previous messages was for everyone who have devoted themselves to Service on this path to benefit from the Protective and Conveying Frequency of the Knowledge Book. However, now, each Individual will continue on his/her path, as being responsible for himself/herself.

The Frequency rather than the Information of the Knowledge Book is very important. Let us repeat once more, if you cannot receive this energy then you cannot accomplish Evolution ? cannot make Consciousness progression and cannot receive the Right of Embodiment and Life in Advanced Dimensions.

The Knowledge Book is a living Book which is Alive, prepared according to Human Consciousnesses. It is a Very Special Book which has been taken into effect with a Technique which Distributes its Frequency Subjectively by Scanning Your Thoughts and Views, and which Locks its Frequency to Those who do not Deserve it.

The Knowledge Book closes its Frequency automatically to those who still have Personality Problems, to Individuals who cannot take into Effect Acceptance. And this is a reason for that Entity to Remain in the Consciousness of the Dimension he/she is Currently in.

Presented for your information.