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Our Friends, 

In the Special Operational Medium of this Final Age, Every Entity has been embodied in the medium he/she has Deserved. Since the Anatolian Medium Carries the Entire potential of the Alpha magnetic field, Very Powerful Energies have been embodied in This medium.

The special Program of this Final Age is Service to the Human Being. A Human Being Serves a Human Being in Various ways. If these services are Carried out through Speech, the Brain mechanism of the Entity facing him/her comes into effect. Energies Given through cellular reflection are drawn by the Essence and take into effect the Evolutions.

Every Entity Initially finds the position he/she deserves in the World platform by benefiting from his/her Own Dimension Energy. Every Entity?s Channel is open according to his/her Consciousness Capacity. If an Entity gives the Energy he/she has Drawn from his/her Channel as he/she has Received it, by speaking, then No one can benefit from This Energy.

In order to benefit from an Energy, it is imperative that the Entire Energy which an Entity draws through his/her Brain Power passes through the Cells of the Entity and Integrates with his/her Logic. An energy that has not passed through the Sieve of Logic is not accepted by the Logic of the Entity facing him/her. For, in this medium, the Logic Frequencies attract Each other and Open the doors of Essence for each other.

In this way Entities Complete their Essence Evolutions through Mutual reflections. An Entity gives an energy that has passed through the Sieve of Logic to his/her surroundings through Cellular reflection and the Cellular Function of an Entity who is in the direction of the same coordinate benefits from This.

In this way, the Human Being is always the Greatest Potential for the Evolution of the Human Being. If an Entity who cannot discipline his/her Channel cannot discipline the Energy he/she has Drawn through his/her Logic, then he/she reflects it to his/her Medium either by Speaking a lot or through bodily Movements.

However, since there is no logic Frequency in this reflecting Energy, no Coordinate can benefit from This. An Energy which has not passed through the Logic Channel can never settle into the Essence and the Entity cannot accomplish his/her Essence Evolution.

Within the Energy that has passed through the Logic Sieve, there is logic frequency; an Energy which does not contain logic frequency is in no way accepted by the by the Logic of the Other. For this reason, in the Program of Service to the Human Being in this Final Age, it is Imperative that the Channels are disciplined.